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KOI-KIN was established for the purpose of exporting high quality Butterfly Koi, which were intensively bred in a biologically secure environment. The breeding farm is located in a quarantined area in Moshav Ram-On. In addition, we produce regular Koi in small sizes.


Our products

Producing all species of regular Koi in the Butterfly format including the Gosanke Showa, Metallic and Ghost families etc. The main aim of Koi-Kin is to breed Metallic Butterfly Koi in a variety of colors. In addition, we wish to develop attractive and up-to-date Butterfly Koi.


Special Offer​​​​​​

Orangie Ogon

NEW - Only in Koi Kin!

Orangie Ogon Butterfly Koi available in packages of 100.

  • Butterfly

  • Oregon

  • Butterfly ghost

  • Butterfly regular

  • Butterfly small

  • Delivery

Marketing sales:

Hazorea Aquatics

Kibbutz Hazorea

30060 Israel
Tel: + 972 4 9899 137

Fax: 972 4 9899289



Dagon Kibbutz Maagan Michael Israel

Tel: 972-525-030-449

Fax: 972-4-6243351


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