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KOI-KIN was established for the purpose of exporting high quality Butterfly Koi, which were intensively bred in a biologically secure environment. The breeding farm is located in a quarantined area in Moshav Ram-On. In addition, we produce regular Koi in small sizes.

The Koi-Kin team

General Manager - Nir Fradkin: Nir has an M.A. in fish breeding, in addition he has fifteen years of experience in this profession and in the establishment of breeding farms designated for ornamental fish, specifically Koi (worked at HaZorea between 1996-2001).

Strategic partners: Yossi and Erez Bitan Ltd.

Production Manager - Danny Hackett: Danny has ten years of experience in this role, which he performed at the HaZorea breeding farm.

Koi-Kin's vision

​Producing all species of regular Koi in the Butterfly format including the Gosanke Showa, Metallic and Ghost families etc.


The main aim of Koi-Kin is to breed Metallic Butterfly Koi in a variety of colors.
In addition, we wish to develop attractive and up-to-date Butterfly Koi.

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